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The '''Congregation of the Holy Ghost''' (full title, '''Congregation of the Holy Ghost under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary''', or in Latin, '''''Congregatio Sancti Spiritus sub tutela Immaculati Cordis Beatissimae Virginis Mariae''''', and thus abbreviated '''C.S.Sp.''') is a Roman Catholic congregation of priests, lay brothers, and since Vatican II, lay associates. Congregation members are known as '''Spiritans''' in Continental Europe, and as the '''Holy Ghost Fathers''' in English language|English-speaking countries, although even there they are becoming known as Spiritans. A Spiritan priest or brother has the abbreviation ''C.S.Sp.'' after his name.
Motto''Cor unum et anima una'' ({{small|Latin}})
''One heart and one soul'' ({{small|English language|English}})
Formation{{Start date and years ago|1703|05|27|df=yes}}
TypeRoman Catholic Institute of Consecrated Life
HeadquartersClivo di Cinna, 195
Rome, Italy
Membership| leader_title = Superior General
Leader nameFr. John Fogarty (priest)|John Fogarty, C.S.Sp.
Main organ| website ={{url|}}
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